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Men of Psi Alpha Alpha

Friday the 10th of July provided another opportunity for the Psi Alpha Alpha Chapter of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and Bernie L. Bates Foundation to join in solidarity and demonstrate commitment to those in the front lines of the existing COVID-19 pandemic. In concert with Rx Catering of Fairfax VA and on behalf of these organizations Chapter President Eric Kelly and Foundation President Richard Morris presented a check for $1,000 which was used to provide nourishment to hospital staff within the MedStar Medical Group.

Both organizations continue to look for opportunities to support those providing medical care to patients in DC, Virginia (inclusive of Fairfax County), and Maryland. For the past 50 years MedStar has served the community with research, education, and medical service. As a chapter and foundation, we remain determined to support those working on the front lines during these challenging times. We stand committed to supporting those who working tirelessly on the front lines, making sacrifices to care for those in need of hope, love and protection from this scourge called COVID-19.


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